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NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennnai

NEBOSH International Diploma

Who can undergo NEBOSH International Diploma Course?

There are many who are eager to undergo NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennnai. But it is necessary to know the eligibility required for this program.

Eligibility to undergo NEBOSH International Diploma Training

Ideally, those in the position to supervise and guide people in numbers are to undergo the NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennnai. Therefore, HR professionals, managers, team leaders and superintendents are to take up this course. This does help them to analyze and detect the issues which crop up at the workplace.

Take care of issues and problems at the workplace

There could be issues between the workers or the employees that needs to be dealt with. It is the person who has the certification on completion of NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennnai, who can provide adequate solutions. They can imbibe effectively team spirit within the employees and make them a tremendous force. They can sort out differences efficiently and quickly. This way, it becomes possible to enjoy a tension-free workplace. It is likely to provide better output automatically and increase the goodwill of the organization.

Advantages of the certificate

Earning the certificate can help the person to be hired as a manager or team leader. The employers understand the significance of the certificate. They also are aware that the candidate is capable to defuse workplace tensions and handle pressures. It is not a tough course and there are present several options. Attending Hire You Safety Training & Consulting is sure to benefit you immensely.

NEBOSH International Diploma Course Syllabus:

Unit IA: International Management of Health and Safety

1. IA1 - Principles of Health and Safety Management

2. IA2 - Regulating Health and Safety

3. IA3 - Loss Causation and Incident Investigation

4. IA4 - Measuring and Reviewing Health and Safety Performance

5. IA5 - The Assessment and Evaluation of Risk

6. IA6 - Risk Control

7. IA7 - Organisational Factors

8. IA8 - Human Factors

9. IA9 - The Role of the Health and Safety Practitioner

Assessed by a three hour written exam

Unit IB: International Control of Hazardous Agents in the Workplace

1. IB1 - Managing Occupational Health

2. IB2 - Identification, Assessment and Evaluation of Hazardous Substances

3. IB3 - The Control of Hazardous Substances

4. IB4 - The Monitoring and Measuring of Hazardous Substances

5. IB5 - Biological Agents

6. IB6 - Noise and Vibration

7. IB7 - Radiation

8. IB8 - Mental Ill-Health and Dealing with Violence and Aggression at Work

9. IB9 - Musculoskeletal Risks and Controls

10.IB10 - Work Environment Risks and Controls

Assessed by a three hour written exam

Unit IC: International Workplace and Work Equipment Safety

1. IC1 - Workplace Welfare Requirements and Specific Workplace Issues

2. IC2 - Fire and Explosion

3. IC3 - Workplace Fire Risk Assessment

4. IC4 - The Storage, Handling and Processing of Dangerous Substances

5. IC5 - Work Equipment

6. IC6 - Workplace Machinery

7. IC7 - Mobile, Lifting, Access and Work at Height Equipment

8. IC8 - Electrical Safety

9. IC9 - Construction and Works of a Temporary Nature - Hazards and Controls

10.IC10 - Workplace Transport and Managing Work-Related Road Risk

Assessed by a three hour written exam

Unit DNI: International Application of Health and Safety, Theory and Practice

Assessed by an 8,000 word work based project

Course Information

  • NEBOSH Level: IDip 6
  • Duration: 30 Days Class
  • Examination: 3 Days Exam
  • Training: Class Room / E - Learning
  • Enrollment Fee:Rs: 30,000
  • Job Placement:100%

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